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Catalog as of February 04, 2010


(Rosaceae - rose family)
Strawberry. About 12 species of low, runner-bearing perennial herbs. Most are native to north temperate regions. Cultivated as ornamentals and, especially, for their fruit. Continuously available moisture is required for best fruit production.

vesca 'Rugen Improved' peren • ht 10" • zones 5-10

alpine strawberry

Fragaria vesca 'Rugen Improved' - Apr 2 Fragaria vesca

edible fruit, ground cover, rock garden, sun

Bears small but good flavored strawberries continuously as long as the weather is suitable. Fruit ripens from late May to October outdoors here, and almost year-round in the greenhouse. Unusual for a strawberry plant, its runners are relatively short and more or less upright, so that unless they are bent to the ground and held down they usually do not touch the ground and start new plants. This makes them easier to manage in small gardens than most types of strawberries.

cat # 4H2N
$7.95 each / 3-9, $7.50 ea / 10+, $6.95 ea

vesca albicarpa peren • ht 10" • zones 5-10

white-fruited woodland strawberry

Fragaria vesca albicarpa - Jul 2

edible fruit, sun

Bears small, sweet, white strawberries over a long season. Spreads quickly by runners.

cat # 4H2H
$7.95 each / 3-9, $7.50 ea / 10+, $6.95 ea

virginiana peren • ht 4-8" • zones 4-9

wild strawberry

Fragaria virginiana - May 23

native, edible fruit, sun
e and cent N Amer

Bears white flowers in spring, and small sweet fruit in June. On warm, sunny days during fruiting season a patch of wild strawberries emits a strong fragrance of strawberry jam. Cultivated strawberries were developed from a cross involving this species. Spreads quickly; can be used a ground cover (for this purpose it will probably work best in combination with other plants, such as Pennsylvania sedge, Carex pensylvanica).

cat # 4H2R
$7.95 each / 3+, $7.50 ea